Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does it cost to park on the grounds: Yes, $5/vehicle.  Remember that this is what helps to fund our fair!

2. Can I park anywhere else: Yes, the high school has a fundraiser in their parking lot to send kids on their senior trip to Washington DC. 

3. Can I park anywhere free:  On the streets in town where it is legal to park!

4. Is there an ADMISSION price to get into the fair: Nope!

5. Is there ADMISSION to get into all the entertainment events:  This depends.  Prices should be listed on the site.

6. I want to sell stuff at the fair or set up a booth, what do I need to do?  Great! Go to THIS page and apply!

7. I have an awesome band or act that I would like to showcase, who do I call?  Don't have to pick up the phone, go to THIS page and fill out the application!

Fair Board